Frank Sanazi's Ocean's Nein - Edinburgh Festival 2019

Frank Sanazi set to storm Edinburgh with Ocean’s Nein!

Frank Sanazi's Ocean's Nein - Edinburgh Festival 2019Frank Sanazi has enlisted the help of his elite crooning war buddies; Dean Stalin and Saddami Davis Jnr, to bring his comedy war machine to the Edinburgh Fringe for a run of swinging cabaret mayhem.

At the festival Frank is pushing for world domination through his comical ‘extreme renditions’ like Mein Way, I’m Stalin and You’ve Got Me Under Berlin, and with special cabaret guests it is highly expected to be an explosive show.

If your sensibilities can handle the wrongness, Frank and his crew will show you the rightness! It’s fantastically wrong and ridiculously funny – just remember to leave your political correctness by the door.

Frank is only at the festival for a short run, so make sure you book up quickly to avoid disappointment.

Voodoo Rooms (venue 68)
19a West Register Street, Edinburgh

Friday 2nd August – Sunday 18th August (not Mondays)
22:30 (1hr)

Tickets: £10-12

Book Tickets here


or call the Edfringe Box Office on 0131 266 0000

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