Charity Events

If you are planning a charity event and looking for ways to make it fun and engaging for your attendees, then look no further than comedy host Peter Perké.

With his years of experience in the entertainment industry, Perké knows how to captivate an audience and keep them laughing all night long. Not only will he provide your guests with a night of non-stop entertainment, but he can also help to increase donations and raise awareness for your cause.

Whether you are looking for a comedy host for your event or a more interactive experience with a bingo night or quiz, Peter Perké can tailor his performance to suit your specific needs and make your charity event a success.

So why not add a touch of humour to your next fundraiser and book Peter Perké as your comedy host?

Comedy Bingo Host Peter Perky sitting by his retro 1970s blower bingo machine

Get in touch

To discuss your requirements, book an event with Perké, or to simply find out more about how he can help your charity event, simply give him a call, or drop him an email.

Some of the prizes you can win at one of Peter Perke's retro bingo nights