How to play Bingo

  • A full sheet contains 6 cards.
  • You will play all 6 cards during the game.
    This means that each number called will appear somewhere on your sheet.
  • Make sure you lightly cross off your numbers as you will need to call out the numbers when we check your card

A 'Line'

  • This is any full line across your card horizontally.
  • Call ‘BINGO’ and wave your card if you win.
  • We will play up to 4 winners of lines in the first game

If you win a line, continue to mark off the numbers called on your card(s) for a full house.

'Full House'

  • You have 6 cards on your sheet.
  • A ‘Full House’ is any full card on your sheet.
  • Call ‘BINGO’ and wave your card if you win.