School PTA Events

Are you a School PTA in need of an engaging entertainer for your fundraising event? Meet Peter Perké, the comedy host you’ve been waiting for!

With years of entertainment experience, Perké ensures non-stop laughter throughout the event.

Whether you’re seeking a charismatic comedy host, a lively bingo night or a quirky quiz evening, Perké will tailor his performance to your needs, guaranteeing that your PTA event is a resounding success.

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Peter Perke Comedy Bingo winners

Retro Bingo Nights

With his vintage blower bingo machine, Peter Perké hosts a fun-packed night of bingo complete with comedy songs, witty banter, and an array of retro prizes.

This is a bingo night like no other, promising an unforgettable blend of laughter and nostalgia.

Quirky Quiz Nights

Quizzes shouldn’t feel like you’re back in school taking exams!

Perké is the perfect quiz host, infusing each round with hilarious banter and ensuring everyone has a fantastic time, regardless of their score.

Comedy Night

Perké has been a staple on the comedy circuit for years, amassing an impressive network of top-tier comedians to join his events.

His past shows have featured renowned talents such as comedy magician Paul Zenon, the hilarious Clinton Baptiste, and the ever-entertaining Bobby Davro.

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To discuss your requirements, book an event with Perké, or to simply find out more about how he can help your school PTA event, simply give him a call, or drop him an email.