Comedian, Bingo Caller and Lothario of Lounge

Get on board Perké’s spinning wheel of bingo fun straight from the 1970’s, let him entertain you with his quick gags, cheesy games, velvetastic voice and lounge wear to match.

If you are looking for a good night out, then Perké is your man.

Perké is the perfect host for any event (except perhaps Punk Conventions)

This is no normal Bingo night out!
Using his original vintage Bingo machine full of balls, Perké will create a night for you to remember, and you’ll even get to take a piece of seventies fun home with you as Perké provides an array of authentic seventies prizes… well, that’s if you win!!

Perké can provide a whole evening of Entertainment through with his crazy quiz rounds. A favourite with School PTAs, pubs and charity event nights.

‘His Lounge Wear is as good as my Software’

Bill Gates